I had an amazing time at the SOFIES Awards in New York. Sadly Learning To Talk didn’t win in our nominated categories, but just being nominated was an amazing achievement in itself. Also, to be sharing a screen with such a high level variety of talent felt great. One of the nominated shorts featured John Hanna (The Mummy) and Warren Brown (Luther), both great actors and an honour to share a screen with. All nominees got a goody bag and commemorative programme, as well as a ‘nominee medals’ and our photos taken on the red carpet.

This was my first trip to New York and I fell in love with the place and really felt at home there. All the people I spoke to were really genuine and friendly (despite the stereotype of the grumpy New Yorker) and it’s just a beautiful city.

Thank you so much to the SOFIES for nominating our short movie and for giving me a great reason to make my first trip to NYC.