I recently appeared in George’s Room at Questors Theatre as part of the Director’s Showcase.

George’s Room is a short 2 hander, written for TV by Alun Owen in 1967. Although the script is rather dated in places (at times sounding quite sexist to a modern audience) there were also a lot of lovely moments to be found. I was fortunate to be acting with the talented Freddie Sledge who was a pleasure to work with and we had a lot of fun bringing the characters to life.

In George’s Room a young widow has led an introverted and solitary life since the death of her husband. When a prospective lodger arrives he decides to bring some “life” back into her life. During the course of their conversation the woman reveals much about the unhealthy relationship she had with her dead husband.

In the video above you can watch an interview with our director Andrew Hill and hear some more information about the play.

The original TV version that aired on ITV was in two parts with an advert break in the middle. For years only the second half was thought to have survived and the first half lost. However, the BFI have recently announced that the first half has been found in the archives and BFI will be showing George’s Room in it’s entirety in April 23rd 2016 in a programme containing other short works by the same director under the umbrella title of: “Missing Believed Wiped Special: Alan Clarke Half Hour Stories”.