I recently got to work with a lovely team of Uxbridge MA filmmakers on a short movie called ‘The Bend’ playing Peter: a stressed father and entrepreneur who, distracted by work calls, becomes involved in a hit and run scenario.

Filming was over 3 days but we also have the luxury of two rehearsals before shooting during which we improvised around the script and worked together with the Director on character development.

I was very fortunate to work with 3 amazing actors playing my wife (Sarah Eastwood), son (Alex Stevens) and young daughter (Savanna Barnett). The night shoots were long and at times scary (reversing along a dark country road several times worrying about knocking over a cameraman!), but working with those guys made it ultimately good fun.

Our final filming day of scenes on the motorway were done on a low-loader lorry, which was the same one used for filming Tom Hardy in Locke, which I was far more excited about than I should have been.

The raw footage looked great from looking at the monitors during filming so I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product at the screening in central London.